Is Beer Good for You?


Beer has been around for thousands of years. Millions of people have come to love this alcoholic beverage — it’s a perfect companion for a relaxing afternoon.

As the majority of research has touted red wine as one of the most heart-healthy beverages of choice for seniors, many are also wondering if it’s the same for beer. And according to a recent study, it could be.

Researchers analyzed the link between alcohol consumption and 12 different heart ailments in a large group of U.K. adults. None of the participants had any cardiovascular issues at the beginning of the study. However, later, it was found that those who did not drink had an increased risk for eight of the heart ailments, ranging from 12% to 50%., compared to those who were light to moderate drinkers.

According to Dr. Eric Rimm, cardiovascular epidemiology director at the T. H. Chan Harvard School of Public Health, the research supports other studies that have found that at any age, people who drink moderately tend to have higher HDL levels than those who don’t.

HDL is important for heart health as it can remove excess LDL, which may build up within blood vessel walls over time and can contribute to plaques that can trigger heart attacks.

So, is beer good for you? Well, it can be. The secret is in moderation.

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