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woman caregiver hugging the elderly man

Benefits You Get of Aging at Home with Our Care

Many people say that there is no place like home. To most elderly people, it is indeed true. It is better to age in an environment with which you’ve had most of your memories. With our help here at Silverbird Homecare Services LLC, a reliable...

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elderly woman smiling with her caregiver

Getting Paid for Caregiving by Hiring Members of Your Family

It's never an easy task to look after our elderly relatives. In addition to the physical challenges, there are also financial issues to consider. If you need help paying for personal care in Pennsylvania, the Department of Human Services has a...

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image of an elderly man and her caregiver

Find Interesting Topics to Talk About with Your Senior

Many seniors are already aware of their health conditions. While it’s good to check in on them and ask whether they are experiencing any symptoms, it may not be the best idea to do that all the time. For instance, if you have already touched...

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woman caregiver give medicine to elderly

Why Do Seniors Have Trouble Taking Their Medicines?

As our seniors grow older day by day, their brain gradually declines. Most of the time, they would experience memory lapses causing them to have a hard time learning something new, forgetting information and appointments, and losing things from...

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woman caregiver serving a food to her patient

Preparing Balanced Meals for Seniors

Due to the changes in the body as we age, seniors have a slower metabolism and have a difficulty in absorbing nutrients in food. This makes it even more important for them to have healthy and balanced meals as they are now more prone to nutrient...

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