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group of elderly playing

The Importance of Recreational Activities for Seniors

As we age, it becomes increasingly difficult to enjoy the recreational activities we used to do before. Aging for most seniors also means having poorer eyesight, a weaker body, and chronic health issues. Due to these physical limitations, engaging...

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woman caregiver and elderly talking

Importance of Quality Care Assessment

Evaluating a senior's capacity to age in place safely is a complicated task. To be effective, a senior's home must be suited for aging in place, notwithstanding the advent of any new or worsening health conditions or functional restrictions....

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woman caregiver hugging the elderly man

Benefits You Get of Aging at Home with Our Care

Many people say that there is no place like home. To most elderly people, it is indeed true. It is better to age in an environment with which you’ve had most of your memories. With our help here at Silverbird Homecare Services LLC, a reliable...

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woman caregiver give medicine to elderly

Why Do Seniors Have Trouble Taking Their Medicines?

As our seniors grow older day by day, their brain gradually declines. Most of the time, they would experience memory lapses causing them to have a hard time learning something new, forgetting information and appointments, and losing things from...

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woman caregiver serving a food to her patient

Preparing Balanced Meals for Seniors

Due to the changes in the body as we age, seniors have a slower metabolism and have a difficulty in absorbing nutrients in food. This makes it even more important for them to have healthy and balanced meals as they are now more prone to nutrient...

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woman nurse with her patient

Things to Know About COVID-19 Vaccines

Although COVID-19 vaccines have recently become more available to the public, many still have questions and concerns regarding its efficacy and safety. To help ease your mind, we at Silverbird Homecare Services LLC have put together a list of...

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