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How to Keep Loved Ones Active at Home

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Seniors are encouraged to stay at home to keep themselves protected from COVID-19 infection. Although for a good reason, staying indoors for long periods can be harmful to a senior’s mental and physical wellbeing. A high standard in-home care in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, involves keeping loved ones active and connected while safe at home.

Here are ideas that we at Silverbird Homecare Services LLC suggest family caregivers try with their loved ones at home.

    Cooking and baking activities can be a good way to connect with senior loved ones. It’s also an effective way to keep senior minds sharp and active, as certain smells can trigger memories and images. Look for a fund new recipe online and try it out with your senior!
    Some family members might find it awkward to talk over the phone or video calls, but there are several ways to counteract this and make your calls fun. Play games, do karaoke, or tell stories — there are tons of resources online that can help you make your time with loved ones memorable.
    No matter what age you are, it’s never too late to start exercising. Check online for easy, safe senior exercises that you and your loved one can do together.

Does your senior require professional personal care in Pennsylvania?

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