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How to Make Dressing Easier for Seniors

woman caregiver assisting her patient

Oftentimes, we do not think much about wearing our shirt or tying our shoes. Getting dressed is a routine task we normally pay fewer worries.

Unfortunately, this basic activity may not be as easy for our senior loved ones. Silverbird Homecare Services LLC is committed to providing comprehensive Personal Care in Pennsylvania – including assistance with clothing and getting dressed.

Older adults or patients with limited mobility may face different challenges in getting dressed. As caregivers, we have an active role to make dressing easier, safer, and convenient for patients.

Clothing can be planned. There must be enough extra time to allow for dressing and undressing. This removes the time pressure that patients may be worried about. Patients recovering from surgery or those with limited mobility can move slowly and avoid pain. There are clothes designed for easier wear such as Velcro tape instead of buttons or slip-on shoes rather than shoelaces. The kind of wear must be considered based on the patient’s condition and preference.

Skin conditions must be considered when checking the kind of cloth. Keeping an eye on wounds and infections prevents progress to more difficult conditions.

Whatever care you need, there is an In-home care in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania that you can rely on.

In-home Non-medical Care services deliver the care that you need. Call us to know more.

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