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Importance of Quality Care Assessment

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Evaluating a senior’s capacity to age in place safely is a complicated task. To be effective, a senior’s home must be suited for aging in place, notwithstanding the advent of any new or worsening health conditions or functional restrictions. Silverbird Homecare Services LLC is a Nursing Home in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania that provides thorough care assessment.

As a provider of In-home care in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, we believe that it is critical to have a home environment that supports one’s current and future lifestyle. One strategy to ensure an older adult’s present house remains safe, useful, and comfortable as they age is to include safety precautions and their care needs.  

The In-home assessment services that we provide overemphasize the fact that any existing home may be modified to assist avoid falls, injuries, and accidents for your loved ones aside from discussing the best care services for them.

A thorough assessment is a part of our In-home non-medical care services, and all other factors of a person’s mental, physical, and environmental health are one approach to evaluating whether your aging loved one needs better support. This aids in assessing his or her capacity to stay securely independent and identifying dangers and strategies to mitigate them. 

A family member or our caregivers providing Personal care in Pennsylvania can also assess how a loved one is doing in terms of health, safety, and quality of life. We will be here to provide assistance when it comes to assessing their needs.

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