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Welcome to the Silverbird Homecare Services LLC blog! We are dedicated to providing valuable information and resources to support you and your loved ones on your home care journey. Our team of experts shares insightful articles, practical tips, and heartfelt stories to inspire and educate those interested in learning about home care. Stay connected with us as we strive to empower and inform our community, fostering a culture of compassion and well-being in every article we publish.

woman nurse with her patient

Things to Know About COVID-19 Vaccines

Although COVID-19 vaccines have recently become more available to the public, many still have questions and concerns regarding its efficacy and safety. To help ease your mind, we at Silverbird Homecare Services LLC have put together a list of...

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two woman cooking

How to Keep Loved Ones Active at Home

Seniors are encouraged to stay at home to keep themselves protected from COVID-19 infection. Although for a good reason, staying indoors for long periods can be harmful to a senior’s mental and physical wellbeing. A high standard in-home care in...

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two elderly playing

Activities to Keep Seniors Mentally Active

An active lifestyle means not only doing physical activities regularly but also maintaining an active mind. Seniors, in particular, need to keep their minds active to prevent mental and neurological problems like depression and dementia. At...

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woman caregiver assisting her patient

How to Make Dressing Easier for Seniors

Oftentimes, we do not think much about wearing our shirt or tying our shoes. Getting dressed is a routine task we normally pay fewer worries. Unfortunately, this basic activity may not be as easy for our senior loved ones. Silverbird Homecare...

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