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Reasons to Hire a Dedicated Companion for Your Elderly

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Loneliness affects our senior loved ones significantly more than any other demographic. The CDC calls it a “serious public health risk” along with social isolation that puts them at risk for serious medical conditions such as dementia and heart disease, among others.

Fortunately, hope and belongingness can come in many forms. One of which is through companionship. By getting them a dedicated companion, seniors do not have to be pressured to join their peers in group settings. This allows them to spend their golden years on their own terms.

We provide companionship as part of our in-home non-medical care services at Silverbird Homecare Services LLC so we have seen the difference this makes.

Thus, as the community’s trusted provider of in-home care in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, we are listing down some of the most crucial reasons you should consider hiring a dedicated companion:

  • Companionship eases some of the burdens of caregiving and allows you to attend to matters that you have been setting aside.
  • Companionship gives you and your family peace of mind that your elderly loved one’s personal care in Pennsylvania, among their other activities of daily living, is taken cared of.
  • Companionship provides your elderly loved one with another source of good conversations aside from you, our family, and their peers, something that is good for their mental, emotional, and cognitive health.

Considering companionship for your senior loved one today? We offer high-quality home care services for a better life. Get in touch with us today.

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