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Why Do Seniors Have Trouble Taking Their Medicines?

woman caregiver give medicine to elderly

As our seniors grow older day by day, their brain gradually declines. Most of the time, they would experience memory lapses causing them to have a hard time learning something new, forgetting information and appointments, and losing things from time to time, such as glasses or worst, medication reminders.

Aside from frequent memory lapses, more factors cause seniors not to take their medications religiously. Based on the study from Express Scripts since February 2011 in regards to medication adherence issues, they have identified major factors that make seniors adhere less to their medications, such as keeping up with multiple medications, procrastination, dealing with side effects, and cost issues.

Skipping a dose of medications and doctor appointments can have a major impact on senior’s health, may it be physical or cognitive. Some of the effects might include ineffectual treatment, triggering chemical changes in the brain, and it could lead to more complications.

We at Silverbird Homecare Services LLC extend our services to help you and your seniors ensure that they take their medications on time and visit their doctor or physician’s appointment as scheduled. As a provider of in-home care in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, our competent caregivers can guarantee that you or your seniors are taking the medications you need in the right dose at the right time.

Our personal care in Pennsylvania wants you to experience a longer life with your family and friends. Despite the medications you or your loved ones are taking, our in-home non-medical care services gives you the opportunity to access our services and well-trained, reliable caregivers to aid you in living a healthier and productive life, starting by taking your medications on time.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us!
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